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If you're looking to invest with a company that is forward-thinking and creative, look no further. Atlas Estates offers investment opportunities for everyone. Check out the video below for our latest investment opportunity! 


Jim Funk

Initially, I eased my way into investing with Jesse, but after seeing how he runs his business I quickly invested three times my initial investment with him.  He has been great to work with. His knowledge, drive, and character all made me feel like my money is in good hands, and my returns have been fantastic. I look forward to continuing to invest and grow with him.

Bob & Beverly

We started investing with Jesse back in 2014 before Atlas Estates was conceived, as an added means for retirement savings. Once the company was created in 2015 and we saw our money growing, we knew we wanted to be part of the vision so we continued to add to our investment. Although the stock market can yield high returns, risk is involved. We feel confident in our investments with Atlas Estates. The process was effortless on our part as the legal details were handled in a timely manner which gives the assurance that our funds are safe. Beyond that, knowing Jesse’s integrity, we’ve never questioned if we will see our return. Having seen the finished product on some of the Atlas Estates’ properties, we have no doubt that our money is being used wisely.  Creativity abounds and details are seamless. Jesse handpicks his team, desiring to work with those who share his vision for a quality product.  We believe that Jesse’s extensive knowledge as a realtor adds value to the company and gives an edge beyond others in this competitive field. Our only regret is that the company was not established sooner.

Curt Salvador

I have known Jesse for the past several years and have been involved with him through a number of real estate and other business transactions. I find Jesse to be a tremendously knowledgeable person who is of the highest integrity, honesty and professionalism. I would not consider entering into a real estate transaction without his perspective and guidance.

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