Atlas Estates is a hometown development and redevelopment company that got our start in 2017. Since 2017 we have completed projects spanning across multiple neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. Our millennial attitude combined with our hustle and work ethic bring Pittsburgh modern, yet classic, real estate that pushes the boundaries of traditional designs.  



I've been in the real estate business for 12 years and have had experiences with hundreds of real estate agents. Jesse is unique. He brings a high energy, high motivation approach to every single situation. He has a rare blend of youth and experience that is difficult to duplicate. Typically, you see agents who can relate to younger clientele (and all clientele for that matter), but aren't experts in the business/technical aspect of real estate; or vice versa. He has the unique ability to combine the these two traits into an ultra-successful approach. 


As a licensed agent, I list my own "flips." For the first time ever, I trusted someone else to list one of my high end projects - Jesse. He ultimately delivered a sale in less than one week and negotiated a price 10% over my expected number. I couldn't have been more impressed.

Jesse gets the highest recommendation from me."

Michael Wright

 Owner of Steel Town Properties,

Has Flipped Over 120 Homes

"I recently bought a house from Marissa McGraw and Jesse Wig via Lifespace Pittsburgh. The two of them were caring, informative, and highly organized. Marissa was my realtor and she is amazing at her job. Not only did she keep me informed about the stuff that was important to me she was also working behind the scenes on thing I didn't even know about to make the home buying process and my new home as wonderful as it could be. In addition the professionalism she demonstrated throughout the process was exemplary. I am extremely satisfied with my home and the process of buying it. Beyond the process of purchase, the home was flipped by Jesse and his coworkers from Atlas Estates. The attention to detail and the design of the home are above my expectations. I feel truly honored to be able to call this space mine and to share it with the people in my life I love. Furthermore, a few of the thing that were in the contract that were not completed prior to closing were then completed by Jesse and his team in mere days following the signatures. I highly recommend this company and its employees. They are fun friendly interesting people that take their jobs and extremely seriously. Buying a home is a truly stressful, emotional, and personal process and I couldn't be more satisfied with how it turned out.

Erin Rossiter