Atlas Estates is an innovative development and redevelopment company. We purchase buildings that need a touch of creativeness to make them into something modern and beautiful. With a millennial mind set we thoughtfully incorporate today's progressive designs and elements - making houses into unique homes and transforming buildings into multi-functional properties. Above all, we strive for a positive reputation while maintaining a vibrant atmosphere.

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Jesse Wig

What makes Atlas Estates different from other development and redevelopment companies? The guy behind the business - Jesse Wig. Jesse is a licensed realtor with a broad range of experience in the real estate field. Due to this vast experience, Jesse brings a unique perspective to the development market. This perspective encourages the creative and unique designs that can only be found in Atlas Estate properties. Learn more and connect with Jesse on Instagram and YouTube

Interested in investing with Atlas Estates? We have opportunities available for everyone - from the Average Joe to Hard Money Lenders. Learn more about why you should invest with Atlas Estates here. 

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What happens after we have renovated properties? A lot! Check out the companies we collaborate with to make our properties accessible to you here

Jesse doesn't work this magic on his own. Learn more about the crew that helps Jesse here.